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Pricing Format

We calculate the actual cost of quilting by the square inch (width X length). There is a minimum charge of $45.00for any basic quilt.


Basic: Is any border to border or end to end pattern. The cost is $0.019/sq. in.

Custom: Includes complex designs or multiple pattern that do not require turning of the quilt. the cost ranges from $0.02 to $0.05/sq. in. Cost of turning the quilt will be based on the size.


We can provide batting, the batting we use is by Hobb’s.

  • 100% bleached cotton with scrim (96”) is $9.50/running yd.
  • 80/20 poly/cotton (120”) is $8.00/running yd.
  • Special order batting will be charged at cost plus 15%


Binding Material is provided by you.

  • Machine sewn to the front and you sew the back. $0.13/in.
  • Hand sewn to back. Add $0.09


All our thread is Perma Core. Specialty threads will be charged based on cost plus 15%.

Additional Work

  • Squaring of the Quilt or Back: $10.00
  • Piecing the Back: $10.00/Seam
  • Pressing: $10.00/pc.
  • Shipping and insurance will be at cost. ( We ship UPS and USPS)
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